Hot Pockets Package Redesign: Case Study

Hot Pockets are microwave stuffed sandwiches, iconic for their pepperoni pizza. They have a variety of flavors that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hot Pockets were introduced and founded by Chef America Inc in 1983. Nestle acquired the brand on April 20, 2002. Hot Pockets are perfect for on the go; they are ready in two minutes. The packaging for Hot Pockets is a cardboard box; inside, they have the frozen food covered in a plastic wrap. Each hot pocket includes a white sleeve, which creates an experience for the consumer.


  • Creating a package redesign that fits within the corporate’s identity.
  • Identifying unique characteristics that will attract customers and stand out from competition.


Simplify the packaging by giving it a modern, minimal, and fresh look. The original packaging is crowded and cluttered. All the boxes look alike, and it’s hard to distinguish the variety of hot pockets. One unique aspect that the brand does is incorporating a white sleeve to each hot pocket, creating an experience for consumers. The sleeve makes the brand stand out from competition, which inspired the redesign for their packaging; doing this creates a cohesive branding.